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Multi-Man Publishing elected to publish a periodical devoted to Advanced Squad Leader after acquiring the rights to ASL. In the introduction to the first issue, they noted: our first product under the Hasbro aegis, and we hope it will serve as a bridge from the Monarch-Avalon past to the MMP/Hasbro future. In form and content, the Journal might as well have been named the ASL Annual, following as it does closely in the footsteps of its predecessors. We changed the name to signal a new beginning and because we don't want to be tied into the only-once-a-year schedule that is inherent in the title Annual.1

Issue 10 saw the introduction of a new publishing format:

ASL Journal 10ís new format features separate, cardstock scenarios, rather than the traditional method of binding the scenarios in with the rest of the pages, with the magazine itself now printed on the same 80-pound gloss paper we use for our Special Ops magazine. Players will no longer have to photocopy the scenarios or remove them from the magazine prior to playing, and the new glossy paper for the 48-page magazine proper will significantly improve the brightness and clarity of articles therein. Using scenario card inserts also makes it easier to include other inserts, such as the player aids also provided in ASL Journal 10.2

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In 1998, several articles and scenarios from The General were reprinted in ASL Classic. In 2003, Out of the Attic appeared, with additional reprints of scenarios and articles, from third party publishers - including Backblast magazine, which Multi-Man Publishing had printed before acquiring the rights to officially publish ASL. Billed as "Issue One", a second issue appeared in 2010, with a promise to print a third.
ASL Classic Out of the Attic #1
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ASL Annual

Aside from regular features in The General, Avalon Hill also produced a series of magazines focused on ASL but with some original SL content also, beginning in 1989. The ASL Annual was, as the name implies, released with regular issues once a year and was popular enough that two issues were published in 1993 (called ASL Annual '93a and ASL Annual '93b). No issue was published in 1994, with issues again appearing in 1995, 1996 and 1997. The 1995 issue was named ASL Annual '95w (Winter) in anticipation of a second issue being printed that year, but it did not materialize.3
Scenarios located in the ASL Annual were numbered sequentially with an "A" prefix, either ASL Scenario A1, A2, etc., or SL Scenario A1, A2, etc., Deluxe ASL Scenario A1, A2, etc. The first two issues featured content for the original Squad Leader series of games, but this content was dropped beginning with the the 1991 issue.

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