Korea: Ordeal at Chosin

Korea: Ordeal at Chosin is an ASL variant by "Wild Bill" Wilder. Bill Wilder is a well-known name in tactical wargaming circles, and not unknown in the Squad Leader/ASL community. Volume 1, Number 30 of The Wargamer published an extensive variant for the Pacific theatre of his design to Squad Leader. In his words:

This is another ASL Module brought to you by the combined efforts of “Wild” Bill Wilder and First to Fight Variants. This is the first of two Modules that we will do on the Korea War. This set contains 5 scenarios on the war in Korea during the winter of 1950 in and around the Chosin Reservoir. The set also contains 336 mounted, laminated and razor cut units, one full color map (see picture), eight pages of historical commentary and


3 ½ pages of rules. Armored units include the M4 105, M4 Flame, the M4A3E8, the M26 Pershing and the M46 Patton.


  The scenarios are:


A VERY SHORT OFFENSIVE                         CHOSIN 1 By Wild Bill Wilder


November 27, 1950, 0800 Hours, East of the Chosin Reservoir. Marines of the 5th Battalion are order to clear the road northward toward the Yalu River. They encounter unexpectedly heavy resistance, both on the road and the hills surrounding it. The Chinese Communist Forces (CCF), in unprecedented numbers, are now in the war.


        EASY COMPANY HOLDS HERE!                     CHOSIN 2 By Wild Bill Wilder


November 27, 1950, 0700 Hours, Hill 1282, Chosin Reservoir. The men of Easy Company during the night had held off five charges by the Chinese. Now came the sixth. Amid a hail of bullets from hundreds of oncoming Chinese, Captain Walt Philips moves ahead of his own front lines, grabs an M-1 with bayonet attached, thrusts it into the frozen ground, turns to his men, and shouts hoarsely, "Easy Company holds here!" 


          RIDGE RUNNERS      CHOSIN 3                   By Wild Bill Wilder


 December 2, 1950, 1300 Hours, Near Toktong Ridge, North Korea. For days Marines of F Company had held, barely held a position of Toktong Ridge, a key height governing the road south. Now units of the 1/7 will attack through the rugged ridgelines, pushing aside the Chinese and relieved their fellow Marines. One Gunnery Sergeant gruffly commented, "If the damn Chinks can run the ridges, so can we!"


   THE BATTLE FOR EAST HILL                            CHOSIN 4    By Wild Bill Wilder


December 5th, 1950, 2100 Hours, East Hill-Hagaru, North Korea. As other Marines seek to finally free East Hill of Chinese, a surprise assault from yet another Chinese battalion creates a new problem. They are driving forward to slice through the Marine advance and create havoc in the center of Hagaru. The gyrenes respond quickly as tanks roll up in support.


POINT BLANK                              CHOSIN 5                      By Wild Bill Wilder


December 7, 1950, near Koto-Ri. 1400 HOWS, Nearing Koto-Ri, the halfway point to the port of Hungnam, Chinese of the 118 Regiment charge from hills and attack the Marine column moving south. Howitzers quickly unlimbered and fire point blank into the mad rush of enemy soldiers.  The moment is tense as the enemy appears to be at the point of an overrun.


This is NOT a complete game. Ownership or access to ASL “YANKS” and “BEYOND VALOR” is necessary to play this module. The module is stored in a zip-locked plastic bag. The units are stored in individual zip-locked plastic bags according to size and/or nationality.

Korea: The Cold War Gets Hot

This is NOT the same variant as Ordeal at Chosin. The variant being offered here includes the following: 

1. A summary of the causes and the course of the war. 

2. Ideas and instructions on the use of the new counters included in the variant. 

3. 8 scenarios covering the war from June –November, 1950. This includes a two scenario mini-    campaign on the tank and infantry fighting at Chongju. 

4. 8 historical backgrounds covering each scenario included in the variant 

5.  5 sets of counters representing four nationalities (ROK, Commonwealth, CCF, NKPA some armor and aircraft) for a total of 366 new counters. 

(Note: US and British forces for this variant along with support weapons and some armor are to be taken from the ASL original modules, “Yanks,” “Beyond Valor” and “West of Alamein,” along with the ASL rulebook from Hasbro. This variant is not playable without the above listed modules.)

Buying Time with Blood, July 5, 1950: NKPA attack vs. US Army defend
The Wolfhounds, August 1, 1950: Meeting engagement US Army vs. NKPA
The Highest Honor, August 31, 1950: NKPA attack vs. US defend
Making it Happen, Sept.17, 1950 USMC attack vs. NKPA defend
Winning the Race, October 19, 1950, ROK attack vs. NKPA defend
Bushwhack at Chongju, October 25, 1950 US Army-Anzac attack vs. NKPA defend
Until the Night, October 26, 1950 NKPA attack vs. US Army-Anzac defend
Death of the 3/8, November 1, 1950: CCF attack vs. US Army defend
Tanks in Trouble, November 28, 1950: Meeting Engagement US Army vs. CCF



Korea: Ordeal at Chosin - Module 1

Developer: "Wild Bill" Wilder
Publisher: Self-published (First to Fight Variants)
Date of Release: 2009
Scale: Squad
Players: 2
Campaign Type: None
Components: ► 1 full colour map
► 8 page rule booklet
► 336 hand cut counters, mounted and laminated
► 5 scenarios

Korea: The Cold War Gets Hot - Module 2

Developer: "Wild Bill" Wilder
Publisher: Self-published (First to Fight Variants)
Date of Release: 2009
Scale: Squad
Players: 2
Campaign Type: None
Components: ► Historical summary
► instruction sheet for counters
► 336 hand cut counters, mounted and laminated
► 8 scenarios
► 8 historical backgrounds

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Counter sheet from Module 1

Counter sheet from Module 1

Counter sheet from Module 2





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