Years of Glory & Grief

Years of Glory & Grief is an ASL variant by "Wild Bill" Wilder. Bill Wilder is a well-known name in tactical wargaming circles, and not unknown in the Squad Leader/ASL community. Volume 1, Number 30 of The Wargamer published an extensive variant for the Pacific theatre of his design  to Squad Leader. The Campaign Series is a further stand-alone Vietnam-themed product. In his words:

Wild Bill Wilder and “Firsttofight” have joined forces once again to bring you a great new series of games that are compatible with Advanced Squad Leader. They are called “The Campaign Series!”

These campaigns are smaller sets of new counters, history, rules and scenarios that cover a specific period or unit in 20th century military history. These series are complete in themselves EXCEPT you will need the ASL rulebook and the modules “Beyond Valor” and “Yanks” to play them. These campaigns are compatible with the ASL system.

The other two variants of this campaign series are “ONE WILD RIDE.” covering broadly the history of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, “The Blackhorse!”  The second in the series is “BIRDS OF PREY,” the saga of the 1st Cavalry Division and the introduction and rapid development of helicopter warfare.

AND NOW…The third and final variant of the Vietnam campaign series: SMOKE ON THE WATER. This variant recreates some of the fierce fighting in the Mekong Delta region in the south of Vietnam. In this campaign, you’ll receive:

1. 10 pages of historic resume of the actions of the division in Vietnam. This section includes a brief historical introduction to each scenario in the package.

2. Inventory of the Riverine Forces, by Darwin “Whiterook” Barnes. In this section, a complete rundown of the various naval vehicles used by riverine forces is included to acquaint those less familiar with this aspect of the war with what was used in the fighting.

3. A section of Special Rules for use of the units included in this variant.

4. 5 Scenarios that broadly depict this special type of warfare.

     1. The Great Bend 06/18/1967

     2.  Coronado V    12/12/1967

     3. Clearwater (quickplay scenario) 06/03/1968

     4. A Death Blow 07/18/1968

     5. Nowhere to Hide 08/28/1969

5. 192 counters, including some hitherto unseen units. Boat crews and commanders, NVA cadre units and some new aircraft are added to the mix.

6. 2 new minimaps, including one island map.

As a special offer the winner of this auction will receive an autographed cover sheet from its author, Wild Bill Wilder.

Special Note: Note: Ownership of the earlier Vietnam modules is NOT required to be able to play this campaign series. One is required, however, to own the ASL rulebook, “Beyond Valor,” and “Yanks” in order to play this campaign.       


Smoke on the Water

Developer: "Wild Bill" Wilder
Publisher: Self-published (First to Fight Variants)
Date of Release: 2009
Scale: Squad
Players: 2
Campaign Type: None
Components: ► 2 mini maps
► 10+ pages of rules and commentary
► 192 hand cut counters, mounted and laminated
► 5 scenarios



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