Advanced Squad Leader Publications

Advanced Squad Leader is unique not in that it produced literature devoted solely to the play of the game, but for the size of the community which established itself around the game system, and the sheer number of publications devoted to it. This listing covers the most significant titles. "Analysis" has been used as a catch-all descriptor for all types of articles - club news, after-action reports, series replays, true analysis, tournament reports, etc.


Official Periodicals
Title First Printed Publisher Coverage Final Issue Notes
ASL Annual 1989 The Avalon Hill Game Company Analysis, scenarios. 1997 Included content on Squad Leader and Advanced Squad Leader initially. Published annually, briefly twice-annually. Ceased publication on sale of AH.
ASL Journal 1999 Multi-Man Publishing Analysis, scenarios, HASL. n/a Created by MMP after takeover of ASL line from Avalon Hill, renamed to represent new direction and avoid being tied to a once-a-year printing schedule. Increased content included issues with HASL maps.
Out of the Attic 2003 Multi-Man Publishing Analysis, scenarios, HASL. n/a Created by MMP to reprint ASL material originally found in the General and ASL Annual.
Unofficial Periodicals
Title First Printed Publisher Coverage Final Issue Notes
ASL News 1990 ASL News Analysis, scenarios. 1996

Begun as a quarterly newsletter by Philippe Léonard, in 1994 increased in production values by being professionally printed.

Tactiques 1991 Various Analysis, scenarios. 1995

Published in the French language, created by Parisians Théophile Monnier and Jean-Luc Bechennec. According to the Desperation Morale website, the first third party magazine and at the time, the only one in publication. Scenarios from the magazine were later widely distributed via Internet in both French and English.

Backblast 1994 Multi-Man Publishing Analysis, scenarios. 1995

Published before the MMP takeover of the ASL line. Created by Brian Youse, Perry Cocke, Chuck Goetz, J.D. Frazer and Steve Peterson.

Critical Hit! 1994 Critical Hit, Inc. Analysis, scenarios. n/a

Created and published by Raymond J. Tapio, with early assistance by Robert Wolkey (editor of Fire For Effect) and Steve Pleva. Published irregularly

Time on Target 1994 Kinetic Energy Productions Analysis, scenarios. 1996 Published annually for three years, and devoted to "ASL Esoterica."
View From The Trenches 1995 View From The Trenches Analysis, scenarios. n/a

Billing itself as "Britain's Premier ASL Journal", Pete Phillips produces the magazine in both physical and online form for free download.

Le Franc Tireur 1996 Le Franc Tireur Analysis, scenarios. n/a

Originally published in French, the magazine transitioned to include a majority of English language content to increase readership. Originally edited by Laurent Closier, later by Xavier Vitry.

Schwerpunkt 1996 Sherry Enterprises Analysis, scenarios. n/a Published by Evan Sherry as "A Forum of Independent Scenario Design."
Recon by Fire 1999 Heat of Battle Analysis, scenarios. n/a Published irregularly by HOB.
Significant Newsletters/Fanzines
On All Fronts 1982 On All Fronts Analysis, variants, scenarios. 1997

Published by Terry Treadaway, begun as a Squad Leader newsletter and transitioned to ASL. Produced 123 issues and over 300 scenarios, as well as variants and other features.

Intelligence Report 1985 Windy City Wargamers Analysis. 1995 Published by Louie Tokarz.
In Contact 1989 In Contact Analysis, scenarios. 1990

According to the DM site, the first widely circulated newsletter published specifically for ASL. Only two issues published, but 12 scenarios included.

The Rout Report 1990 DAGGER Analysis, scenarios. 1995

Edited by Kurt Martin and Richard Rodgers, a self-described "Journal for ASL adventurers."

At The Point 1991 At The Point Analysis, scenarios. 1992 Billed as "The Journal of ASL", published by Marc Hanna for 11 issues.
Fire for Effect 1992 Fire for Effect Analysis. 1994

Created by professional baseball player Curt Schilling and co-edited by Robert Wolkey. Ran for twelve issues.

ASLUG 1993 ASL Union of Gamers Analysis, scenarios. 1994

Created by Gary Fortenberry, published monthly for an eight-issue run. The majority of the scenarios were later distributed for free via the Internet; some became 'official' ASL scenarios.

Rate of Fire 1994 Paddington Bears ASL Club Analysis. ?

Published by the Australian Paddington Bears club, whose scenarios were published by Critical Hit rather than this club newsletter.

Banzai! 1996 Texas ASL Club Analysis. n/a

Published under various editors by the Austin ASL Club (later Central Texas and later just Texas ASL Club). The club is notable for hosting the annual Texas Team Tournament.

Crossfire 1996 Army Group South ASL Club Analysis. 2002

Conceived by Australian ASL club Army Group South, ran for a few issues under Dave Bardi and Steve Banham and ceased publication; resumed in 2001 for three more issues. Published one scenario.

Hit the Beach! 1996 SOCAL ASL Club Analysis. 2004 Published quarterly by the Southern California ASL Club. Later distributed to all for free in .pdf form.
Dispatches From The Bunker 1997 Dispatches From The Bunker Analysis, scenarios. n/a Created by Vic Prevost.
Maple Leaf Route 1997 Canadian ASL Association Analysis, scenarios. 2004 Published by Jim McLeod of the Canadian ASL Association.
CX Newsletter 1999 Puget Sound ASL Analysis, scenarios. n/a

Published by PSASL, a gaming group of 50 ASL players in the Washington State area.

'Scripts 2000 DC Conscripts Analysis. n/a

Newsletter of the DC Conscripts ASL Club in the Washington D.C. area. Technically still in print though the last issue was in 2005. Published annually.

Forward Observer 2001 Coastal Fortress Analysis, scenarios. 2001

A two-issue run characterized this newsletter by Scott Faulk and Steve Svare of the Coastal Fortress website.

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